Gardens are full of memories. This lovely stand of blue phlox is now gone, thanks to myrtle that was too aggressive and a wind storm that finally blew over the tree it was growing under. Luckily the tree didn't damage the house or the air conditioner, but the garden bed was completely torn up thanks to the tree removal. (This happened while we were traveling overseas, so son Peter had to take care of the mess!) The myrtle is now gone, thanks to lots of digging after the tree was removed. Fortunately I did manage to find and save a start on a new patch of blue phlox, which is holding its own against New England aster, heart-leaved aster, and dandelions in another part of my tiny garden woodland. How glad I am that I have this picture though. The tall plants in the background are money plant. This year (2003) tomatoes are planted in this area, but the asters are trying to take over.

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