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Christmas Greetings

Christmas Letter 2017 - a year of resistance and a call for 
peace, understanding, and compassion

Christmas Letter 2016 - Sobering thoughts as we face these uncertain times, with a call for wisdom, peace and compassion. (pdf file)


Baby-Jesus300.jpg (112542 bytes)Christmas Thoughts 2015 - This year, with the world in such turmoil, I posted on my blog. (pdf version)

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Christmas Letter 2014 - May peace reign in our hearts as we celebrate our Savior's birth.

Christmas Letter 2013 - May you all have a Blessed Christmas and a most rewarding 2013!

Christmas Letter 2012 - Wishing all a happy and blessed holiday. I look forward to joyful and peaceful possibilities in 2013!

Christmas Letter 2011 - Holiday greetings to friends and family far and near! This year's message may be a little 'over the top,' but be prepared to be challenged - Occupy the Food System!

Christmas Letter 2010 * Page 2 (pictures)  - Some of the same themes as last year!  For some other recent pictures find me on Facebook at and look at my picture albums. The Queen of the Night was gorgeous this year. 

Christmas Letter 2009 * 2009 Christmas Picture Greeting
         Please visit both - they are PDF files
         2009 Christmas Picture Greeting in PowerPoint

Christmas 2008 (this is a pdf file)

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February Greeting 2008 - The Pussy Cats
(this is a pdf file) 

Christmas Greetings 2006 

Christmas Greetings 2005

Christmas Greetings 2004 

Christmas Greetings 2003 

Christmas Greetings 2002 



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