Raw Milk Issues in Ohio



All is quiet now in Ohio, but for current activities in other states see: http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/state_bills.htm 

2008 and more activities

For current info visit Journal of Whole  Food & Health and www.farmtoconsumer.org 

NAIS - as related issue - See Liberty Ark  

2007 Activities

July 1, 2007 - Formation of The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is announced - www.farmtoconsumer.org.  Be a part of the movement to protect our right to choose what foods we will put in our bodies. Join now!

A new Raw Milk Bill was introduced into the legislature - H.B. 52 in the House and S.B 95 in the Senate - has been quietly tabled because of opposition from the governor, since we have the herd share contracts we can work with. The bill was simply too controversial.

To find the bills or find your legislators go to 

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The Ohio Raw Milk Defense Fund  has supported the farmers who have been at the forefront of the battle over raw milk. Details and reports at www.ohiorawmilk.info . Your support should now be channeled through the The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund 

2006 Activities

H.B. 534, the "Raw Milk" Bill, was introduced into the Ohio House of Representatives in 2006. Sponsored by Representative Arlene Setzer,  the bill aims to revise the law governing the gift or sale of raw milk to ultimate consumers.  It is due to be reintroduced in 2007 in both the house and senate 
Official Bill Summary
Bill Highlights

Lively hearings were held in the spring, 2006, before the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Here are committee members

News of May, 2006, hearings found at  www.WantMilk.org 

Dairy devotees push for bill to legalize sale of raw milk
Columbus Dispatch, May 11, 2006

Action Alert: March 23, 2006, Weston A Price Foundation Action Alert
Ohio Raw Milk Bill -  for immediate action:

Action Alert Ohio Raw Milk, from the Weston A Price Foundation - Feb. 27, 2006
Please note that there is a list of Ohio legislators and officials to contact at the end of the Alert. They, plus your local legislators, need to hear from you over and over again, until the law in Ohio is changed. A bill legalizing the sale at the farm of raw milk from Grade A dairy farms is due to be introduced the week of March 13, 2006. Be watching for updates at www.wantmilk.org .

For good factual information about raw milk:

www.WestonAPrice.org and www.RealMilk.com 

www.Mercola.com search on 'raw milk'

David Gumpert from BusinessWeek.org has followed the raw milk story http://www.davidgumpert.com/ 

For something to give your legislators:
There are TWO raw milks!
  See also http://www.realmilk.com/safety/there-are-two-raw-milks/ 

More on raw milk

The press is taking note:

Many articles are no longer available, but there is lots of info and stories here http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/farm-raids.html 

The 2006 battles:

See what we are up against:

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covers bovine growth hormone dangers

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Bovine Growth Hormone - a Monsanto creation now sold to Lilly