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Alternative Approaches to stubborn health problems  
       Energy Medicine   
Alzheimer's & other dementias   
Digestive Issues - Supporting a Healthy Gut  
    Microbiome * Skin  
    Leaky gut  
     Paleo type diets 
    The FailSafe Diet 
    The GAPS Diet   
    The Perfect Health Diet -
    The Specific Carbohydrate Diet  
Divisive Issues of Our Age  
Excessive Influence of Commercial interests
    Food - Grocery Store Blues   
    Resistant starch
Health Freedom Issues  
    Why is this such an issue?   
    Avian Flu & other scare tactics  

Health Newsletters
Heart Disease 
     The Heart Disease/Scurvy Connection  
  Light, full spectrum   

Obesity - the Health Issue of our Age
     Low Carbohydrate Diets
     Public Policy & Obesity  
Stories of Return to Health  
Strengthening the Immune System
Teflon Troubles  
Thyroid & Adrenal Issues  

     Mediterranean Diet  
     Raw Food diets  


Obesity - the Health Issue of our Age:

Fat School children, adult-onset diabetes in children, mushrooming obesity statistics, huge restaurant portions, cheap, high calorie fast foods - there is endless discussion of why we are so fat! The answer is quite simple - unhealthy foods and cheap food policy.

Our grocery stores are filled with unhealthy foods - refined foods that have been stripped of many of their important nutrients, highly processed foods containing unhealthy substances, high calorie, low nutrient foods that are highly profitable. If you study these Dietary Guidelines from the Weston A. Price Foundation, you'll understand what I mean. Dietitians have always recommended moderation in eating, but we didn't understand how flawed the commercial foods that fill our grocery store shelves had become as the result of the 'Profit is King' mentality. We did not realize how ostrich-like the big food corporations were as they supposedly studied the safety of their refined, processed, chemicalized, mass-produced concoctions. Krispin, a well-versed on-line dietitian, has identified two important nutrients which most people do not get enough of - magnesium and Vitamin D - both of which are essential for maintaining a healthy weight.  They are probably just the 'tip of the iceberg' when it comes to nutrients essential for maintaining a healthy body and body weight. Following the Dietary Guidelines helps to assure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs, although many folks may need to supplement, to make up for past indiscretions and limited access to the most nutritious foods.

Low Carbohydrate Diets

Many common weight loss diets/programs are low in fat (concentrated calories) and higher in carbs. Many health care professionals have implicated high carb foods, and more particularly sugar and grains, as contributing to obesity, as well as numerous other degenerative health problems. For more info on restricting carbs for better health and lots of Web sites and books to review click here.

How Public Policy has contributed to Obesity

Excessive Influence of Commercial interests * Drugs * Food * Genetic Engineering 

Mainstream News Media: Freedom of the Press or Controlled Propaganda?  10/6/16 
"The manipulation of the American mind has become a sophisticated science. Media controllers twist together half-truths, pictures of distorted reality, and outright lies so that we will trust the official reports of government, accept the claims and plans of corporations, and believe the work of scientists who do research on behalf of government agencies and corporations."

Trust Us, We're Experts!   How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future

Doubt Is Their Product How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health  

Drugs * Cholesterol Drugs

Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety  July 2012

Big Pharma's Bald-Faced Lies that can Destroy Your Health and Wealth in 2010

8 Medical Lies and Why I Abandoned Medicine, by Shane Ellison, M.Sc.
"As a scientist, I witnessed first-hand the priorities of international pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma), which ranked wealth first and health a distant second." 

Ex-Pharma Sales Rep, Gwen Olsen, Speaks Out - Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness

Here's a 2015 lecture by Gwen Olsen, with chapters listed, so you can watch in sections:

Prescription for Disaster

Psychiatric Drug Facts 

The Suddenly Sick series at The Seattle Times
The hidden big business behind your doctor's diagnosis. 

Dangers of psychiatric drugs - SSRI Stories - Catalyst for Disaster 

Alternatives for strengthening the Immune System

Food - The Grocery Store Blues

The adverse influence of commercial interests on our food supply are documented in several places.  Finding healthy foods in ordinary grocery stores can truly give you the "blues". In order to follow the dietary guidelines I recommend you'll probably have to seek out alternate food sources - a food co-op, farmer's market, a local farmer, your garden. Be prepared to be choosy  - and remember the high cost to your health and the environment of "Cheap Food."  Here are some valuable resources if you want to know more about the Grocery Store "Blues":

The top ten things food companies don't want you to know 
NewsTarget Insider Alert from Organic Consumers Asso.

Grocery Warning: The Seven Most Dangerous Ingredients in Conventional Foods
NewsTarget Insider Alert from Organic Consumers Asso.

Enriched Food Deception  by Chris Gupta

The Politics of Obesity & Food

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser 

The Crazy Makers - How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Brain and Harming Our Children  by Carol N. Simontacchi

The Omnivore Dilemma by Michael Pollan

The Whole Soy Story by Kaayla Daniels

Trust Us, We're Experts!  How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future  by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber 



Alternative Approaches to stubborn health problems

Other avenues to pursue for chronic disease - prevention - healing presents promising alternative ways to restore your health and to prevent disease, including the area of energy medicine.

Naturopathic MedicineLocal practitioners

The Metabolic Blueprint Program  at East West Healing & Performance * for in-depth understanding of metabolic individuality and how it can improve health.  Highly recommended by Linda DeFever, WAPF chapter leader, who has worked with the authors.

Homeopathy - scoffed at by conventional practitioners, but with considerable research behind it.  X


Digestive Issues, which can be the source of a wide range of health problems.   

Energy Medicine - Light Therapy, EFT


Mineral Balancing   

High dose Vitamin C

Immune System strengthening


Oxygen Therapies

    Oxygenation - "Flood  Your Body with Oxygen" by Ed McCabe  

    Flood Your Body with Oxygen 

   Healing Naturally by Bee - 
See "Increase Oxygen" - on using food  grade hydrogen peroxide to energize & heal: "Taking vitamin C is much better than taking H202 internally, because it makes the body produce its own H202. Vitamin C can be taken in high doses if needed, starting with small amounts and gradually increasing them in order to avoid reaching bowel tolerance"

See also "Baths Help the Body Detoxify"

   Use of Hydrogen Peroxide  

   Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and its Many Uses

   Ozone Therapy   More   

Grounding   x   
    Earthing - the most important health discovery ever?    

Raw Foods


Cannabidiol (CBD)  also here and here 

Water Therapy

Essential Oils - Young Living - recommended by one of our farm club members
     Energy medicine and essential oils  by Jerry Tennant, MD (a little technical, but fascinating) 

The case studies are revealing 

Sound Therapy - explaining the  ancient Soffegio frequencies and their relationship to holistic reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. 

Other modalities are many. Here is a book by one of our chapter leaders that summarizes many of them 
The Referral Guide for Complementary Care, by Selina Rifkin

Alzheimer's & other dementias    

The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline
by Dale Bredesen, MD - The Bredesen Protocol  
With Alzheimer's and dementia affecting more than 35 million people worldwide and the astonishing fact that by the middle of the century more than 115 million people will be affected by the disease, this is an important breakthrough using natural means, not drugs, but lots of testing to analyze the underlying problems.

Cancer - other options - do your own research:

How to Protect Yourself Against Cancer With Food
      Follow these Guidelines

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures - a video of the sad history of opposition to alternative cancer therapies.

Strengthening your immune system - essential for supporting other cancer therapies

Alternatives to chemotherapy - Dr. Mercola & Ralph Moss, PhD
  Moss's website 

Nutritional Solutions - Maximize Your Cancer Therapy with Nutrition & Herbs with Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC One of Dr. Wallace's lectures

Integrative Medicine for the Treatment of Cancer - Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD - Dr. Gonzalez died unexpectedly 7/21/15. The site now links to the Gonzalez Foundation, which aims to sustain his work with enzymes in the treatment of cancer. 
    Dr. Gonzalez interview by Dr. Mercola - long, but well worth listening to (or read the transcript).

If You Have Cancer, by David Getoff, ND

Beating Cancer with Nutrition  by Patrick Quillan 
A well-nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease and therapies used in treating cancer.
"Many cancer patients and their family members are in need of nutrition counseling.  Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS can provide expert advice in handling the adjuvant (helpful) nutrition needs of the cancer patient."

Cancer is Curable Now  - DVD by Sabrina & Marcus Freudenmann 

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Counter Prospectives on Health - Protocols of Dr. Wm Kelley

Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How, by Connie Strasheim  - Stop the Cancer Epidemic!

   Sodium Bicarbonate 

   Chris Kresser on The Acid-Alkaline Myth - Part 1  - Part 2 and more

Cancer pages on DietNet - website of Deb Gully, dietary and health coach in New Zealand and WAPF chapter leader

CLA: The Secret Weapon in the Battle Against Cancer - Dr Mercola

Jerry Brunetti on "Food as Medicine" (video file)

Cows, Cancer and Consciousness by Jerry Brunetti

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and the Role of Iodine in Breast Health and more on iodine

Burzynski Clinic  
Antineoplastons are the body's innate defense system against cancer; they normalize gene expression and prevent unruly cell division.

Cancer Tutor - The future of cancer research 

Vitamin B17 World without Cancer and 

Apricot seeds  X

Fungus infections and Cancer

An excellent resource is the book Breast Cancer: What You Should Know (But May Not Be Told) About Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment, by Austin and Hitchcock. Austin is a naturopathic physician and researcher; Hitchcock, his wife, had breast cancer and a lumpectomy but not radiation or chemo, and is alive 15 years later. 
Recommended by Ron Schmid, ND
Alternative Medicine Center of Connecticut
(860) 945-7444

Cancer Prevention Coalition 
Cancer-Gate:  How to Win the Losing Cancer War
by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.  Review
Prevent Cancer Foundation -

 also toxins to avoid for prevention

Cancer Conquest - the best of conventional and alternative medicine
by Burton Goldberg, the voice of alternative medicine

Understanding Cancer and Cancer Cells 

EFAs, Oxygenation & Cancer Prevention by Brian Peskin 
See also  - source of much alternative cancer treatment info

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Natural Alternative Therapies...

Dr. William D. Kelly's Nutritional-Metabolic Therapy

Cancer Control Society 

Cancer Stories:

* There is a startling story related by Maynard Murray, the doctor who discovered that sea water (or dried sea solids) in the correct amount was an excellent source of minerals to use as fertilizer. (Sea Energy Agriculture, by M Murray, Acres U.S.A.) He noted that sea animals and ocean fish rarely develop cancer, whereas land animals and river fish do. He surmised that since all the earth's minerals ultimately end up in the oceans, and since sea water is very similar in composition to blood serum, sea water provided all the minerals the sea animals needed for healthy growth, and should provide all the minerals that plants need for healthy growth. His many experiments proved that this is indeed true, as he produced very healthy, pest-free crops using sea solids for fertilizer and very healthy animals raised on these crops. 

In one experiment he took some rats that had been bred to develop fatal breast cancer and fed half of them standard rat chow and half were fed super nutritious food that had been grown on soil fertilized with sea solids. The chow-fed rats all developed cancer as expected and died within eight months. The rats fed the super food were sacrificed at 16 months and none had cancer. Excellent nutrition made that much difference! The lesson I take from this is that nutrition can have a powerful influence on the course of cancer. The three stories below relate how three individuals did what the doctors say is impossible - they enabled their bodies to heal themselves by the use of super nutrition with real foods. May they be an inspiration to you as you struggle to free yourself from addiction to the modern American diet.

* Interview with Jerry Brunetti, a cancer survivor.
  This is an Acrobat file, so you need the free viewer to read it. 
For a free Acrobat reader click:
Jerry's story on DVD - Cancer Nutrition & Healing

* Natural Thyroid Choices - Healing from Thyroid Cancer naturally

* Story of a cancer survivor - from

*  - website of a cancer 'revivor' inviting others in

* Here's a book recommendation from one of the WAPF Chapter Leaders:
"Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny" by Michael Gearin-Tosh.  He's an Oxford literature professor who developed bone cancer and beat it with the Gerson therapy.  It's an interesting read, because as a professor of the written and spoken word, he was able to "interpret" the way the medical profession speaks about cancer and "success rates" with allopathic treatments. Another doctor used Gerson therapy for his prostate cancer

* The Neal Deoul Story
Cesium & cancer

* The story of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Author

A few months after Aajonus Vonderplanitz' 21st birthday he was diagnosed with terminal blood and bone cancer...and given less than 1 year to live. Now 32 years later, Aajonus takes us on his fascinating personal journey... [This is a raw food vegetarian Website, so evaluate with care, as the advice may be appropriate for some, but by no means all people.]

"I have suggested the above-stated diet pattern [raw foods, especially raw animal foods] for hundreds of people with terminal illnesses, not just cancer, and it has consistently worked....  My diet is a far stretch for most people and the food is moderately expensive but it is less expensive than trying to replace enzymes and vitamins destroyed in cooked food with very expensive supplements, and a fraction of the cost of medical treatment." Aajonus Vanderplanitz - 

Jordan Rubin's story  -  I can't vouch for the rest of this website, but Jordan's story of restoring his health is amazing. 


Digestive Issues - Gut Health
Supporting a Healthy Gut - menu

Gut issues affecting our "microbiome" are endemic in our society, and underlie a multitude of difficult health issues, and are related to our Sad American Diet. 
Here are some Websites that deal with these issues.

How Your Gut Microbiome Influences Your Mental and Physical Health

Problems in the mouth

The Long Hollow Tube: A Primer on the Digestive System
By Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD

- Tim O'Shea 

How To Restore Digestive Health
By Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, CNC

"Thirty-eight million Americans are victims of digestive disorders, including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, celiac disease, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, GERD, candida and food allergies."

Seven Tips to Enhance Digestion...And Get the Most Out of the Food You Eat 
By Lori Lipinski 

See Food Quality Issues

Healing Naturally by Bee  - a low carb approach to healing

See also Carbohydrate Restriction

SIBO - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

SIBO Diets and Digestive Health - finessing your fiber intake to discourage bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine

Taming the Yeastie Beasties by Amy Jones
Explains the 4 stages of yeast over-growth and offers a protocol for correcting it  - a friend found this website helpful for addressing GERD and SIBO. He covers a wide range of digestive issues. Just be aware the recipes are interesting, but often use Splenda, which is not recommended. Use better sweeteners, good fats, and remember our WAPF Dietary Guidelines.

* The Perfect Health Diet - deals well with SIBO

Leaky Gut

How GMOs or gluten can damage the gut, damaging the tight junctions between the cells of the digestive tract.  - Jeffery Smith's interview with Dr. Zach Bush
Dr. Zach talks about the communication system of the microbiome, the carbon-based redox molecules that contribute to a healthy gut brush border.  When the microbiome is depleted (by antibiotics, and toxins like glyphosate) that system gets out of whack, too much zonulin is produced which leads to leaky gut and all the problems that creates – inflammation and all the many ills associated with that. He has developed a  product that restores that communication system, enabling faster healing of the gut when you clean up your diet:

Dr. Bush's supplement that strengthens the damaged tight junctions - Restore * my notes * See also Probiotics

The skin microbiome

Skin Microbiota and Your Health by Chris Kresser

Some helpful books & websites on digestion and health

* Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski

* Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), by Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.
Dr. Campbell-McBride reveals the true connection between the gut and the brain - which she calls Gut & Psychology Syndrome. She zeros in on unhealthy gut microflora as an underlying cause of many health problems, including allergies, autism & depression. She explains the importance of a really clean diet, how the beneficial microflora help with digestion, and the use of high quality probiotics

  The GAPS Diet  
   and this blog 

Natasha Campbell-McBride with Donna Gates (Body Ecology Diet) on
youtube: There are 6 parts to watch.

Some GAPS blogs with recipes: 
   more recipes  

If GAPS hasn't worked for you or yours, read this.

A local Toledo resource 
Specializing in in-home ABA programs for children with autism & other related disorders

* Paleo Diets also often deal with digestive issues.

* The Specific Carbohydrate Diet - Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall 
     Intended for those suffering from crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, and other digestive disease.
        More on the Specific Carb Diet in relation to gluten intolerance.    

* Healing the New Childhood Epidemics - Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies, The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Kenneth Bock, M.D.  
   Another very helpful book, recommended by another WAPF chapter leader/health professional, but cautious of his recommendations on soybeans and avoiding saturated fat. Be sure you also read Gut & Psychology  Syndrome, above, for a more complete picture of the gut issues involved.

* The Failsafe Diet
FAILSAFE stands for Free of Additives, Low in Salicylates, Amines and Flavour Enhancers - a comprehensive low-chemical, low-reactive exclusion diet designed to treat intolerances to specific chemicals in foods rather than allergies.


* Low Oxalate Diet  - excessive intake of high oxalate foods can cause painful gout-like symptoms.


Since many digestive issues involve various carbohydrate intolerances, the popular "Paleo" diets may be helpful. There are several books and websites here

* Cautions about supplemental fiber

In a day when fiber is the standard remedy for gut problems, here is a credible voice of caution - a real revelation to me as a dietitian who wrote her master's thesis on fiber. Basically he says that healthy gut microflora and plenty of good fats are needed for good gut health, excess fiber just adds complications. It has worked for me to cut out supplemental fiber.

Fiber Menace 
by Konstantin Monastyrsky  -   A Review

Fiber Menace: Thou Shalt Not Eat Any Abominable Thing
by Konstantin Monastyrsky

Are Happy Gut Bacteria Key to Weight Loss?  
This long article examines the interconnection between fats, sugars, gut microbes, inflammation and obesity/metabolic syndrome. Sounds rather complicated - which it is. Key points (simplified):

When you eat junk food high in modern processed vegetable oils (which are referred to at "fats") and sugars (low in fiber):

  • Result is imbalance of gut microbes toward the bad guys that produce endotoxin

  • Immune system detects endotoxin and mounts inflammatory response

  • Inflammation leads to leaky gut, upsets sugar regulation and leads to insulin resistance

  • Which leads to metabolic syndrome/obesity

  • Add good fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables and reverse the process

  • Restore good gut microbe balance

  • Endotoxin and inflammation decline

  • Insulin sensitivity restored and sugars handled properly

  • Resulting in weight loss and correcting of metabolic syndrome

* Resistant Starch - another consideration.
Resistant Starch – Friend or Foe?       

How Resistant Starch Will Help to Make You Healthier and Thinner by Chris Kresser

* Related Considerations:

Pine Nut Oil - gastrointestinal healer, especially stomach




Strengthening the Immune System 

Restricting carbohydrate  




The Vegetarian Myth - food, justice, and sustainability by Lierre Keith

"Everyone who eats should read this book. Everyone who eats vegetarian should memorize it. This is the single most important book I've ever read on diet, agriculture, and ecology. And as a farmer and ex-vegan, that's saying a lot."

-Aric McBay, author of What We Leave Behind and Peak Oil Survival

Other stories here and here and here  

The Myths & Truths about Vegetarianism by Stephen Byrnes, PhD, RNCP

Excellent, long article about the problems with vegetarianism:


Vegetarianism and nutrient deficiencies by Chris Masterjohn 

Recovering from Vegetarianism
by Ron Schmid, N.D. 

Vegetarianism - Inside-Out by Paul Chek (
Does Meat-Eating Impede Spiritual Development?

  • Never take more than we need;

  • Give thanks for what we have or what we receive;

  • Use all of what we have;

  • Give away what we do not need.
                         Cherokee Wisdom

Defending Beef  - written by a vegetarian farmer

For Vegans - what you need to know: 


Story of a Japanese doctor who struggled with the macrobiotic diet

Vegetarianism and Body Chemistry - A Research Report

Vegetarianism - Is It The Right Choice?  "How do people really make the decision to become vegetarians? Today, many are obligatory vegetarians, that is to say, they cannot digest animal protein, due to specific imbalances in their body chemistry. This article explores vegetarian proteins, copper levels and vegetarianism, and two vegetarian case histories." 

The Naive Vegetarian by Barry Groves

Beyond Vegetarianism - Reports from veterans of vegetarian and raw-food diets...

Comparative Anatomy
and Physiology Brought Up to Date
Are Humans Natural Frugivores/Vegetarians,
or Omnivores/Faunivores?

by Tom Billings


Hallelujah Diet - Comments on the difficulties with the Hallelujah Diet 




Raw Food Diets

A long interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD nutrition, on why raw meat and fats are essential to a raw food diet - and his incredible story:  [This is a raw food vegetarian Website, so evaluate with care, as the advice may be appropriate for some, but by no means all people.]


His Website or


Ten Things to Be Aware of in the Raw Food Arena - Common sense advice - includes some useful resources.


If you want ideas on including more raw food in your diet, you may find some helpful suggestions here . Just beware - Fred is a raw food vegan extremist. The idea that raw food vegans are the only health folks or that raw food vegans are always healthy is nonsense. Use your common sense and listen to your body. Just realize that processed and refined foods should always be avoided because the damaged fats and missing minerals are a primary cause of ill health. 


Some interesting raw food (vegan) recipes using seeds that are soaked and sprouted: 


A great website for sprouting:



Mediterranean Diet

The claim is made the folks in the Mediterranean area (Italy, Greece) eat a low fat diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and olive oil. But that is a misrepresentation of these folks typically eat. Those who come from that part of the world say that is not true, as they eat plenty of fat - butter, lard - and meat. But they eat less processed food, which is the probable reason for their better health. More on the Mediterranean Diet


Ornish Diet evaluation



Water Issues:

Your Body's Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Remarkable new insights into the role of water in our bodies!  and 


Water chlorination


Problems with drinking distilled water


Recommendation - Remineralize purified water with 
Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops
- a good source of magnesium, boron


Mineral Waters of the World -

FindASpring -


Water Structure  an unfamiliar concept worth knowing about


Energy Medicine:


The Energy Medicine Institute 
The body's energies are the key to health, vitality, and well-being. Energy medicine is the art and science of working with and teaching people to work with these energies to empower them to live happier, healthier lives.

Energy Medicine, By Donna Eden with David Feinstein
     "the oldest, safest, most organic, most accessible,
     and most affordable medicine there is"

Virtual Medicine by  Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, PhD 
These new concepts of life and energy bring back a medicine of humility before the miracle we call life. The art of medicine becomes a practice composed of the life energies of the physician, the patient and the Earth     X



FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT: Energy and Health Builder  posted by 



Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) 
At a seminary class reunion some years ago, a psychologist classmate of my husband's explained to us how he used this technique to cure post traumatic stress syndrome in war victims, with amazing and quick results!




Heart Disease is one of the most perplexing problems of our age. It has been blamed on our high fat diets, but the etiology is far more complex. For an excellent review of the issues involved with heart disease check out "What Causes Heart Disease?" by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig or "The Skinny on Fats", by the same authors. 

Here is a summary quoted from page two of the second article:

"The Cause And Treatment Of Heart Disease

"The cause of heart disease is not animal fats and cholesterol but rather a number of factors inherent in modern diets, including excess consumption of vegetables oils and hydrogenated fats; excess consumption of refined carbohydrates in the form of sugar and white flour; mineral deficiencies, particularly low levels of protective magnesium and iodine; deficiencies of vitamins, particularly of vitamin C, needed for the integrity of the blood vessel walls, and of antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E, which protect us from free radicals; and, finally, the disappearance of antimicrobial fats from the food supply, namely, animal fats and tropical oils.

"These once protected us against the kinds of viruses and bacteria that have been associated with the onset of pathogenic plaque leading to heart disease.

"While serum cholesterol levels provide an inaccurate indication of future heart disease, a high level of a substance called homocysteine in the blood has been positively correlated with pathological buildup of plaque in the arteries and the tendency to form clots-a deadly combination. Folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and choline are nutrients that lower serum homocysteine levels. These nutrients are found mostly in animal foods.

"The best way to treat heart disease, then, is not to focus on lowering cholesterol-either by drugs or diet-but to consume a diet that provides animal foods rich in vitamins B6 and B12; to bolster thyroid function by daily use of natural sea salt, a good source of usable iodine [actually kelp is a better source of iodine]; to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies that make the artery walls more prone to ruptures and the buildup of plaque; to include the antimicrobial fats [such as coconut oil and sesame oil] in the diet; and to eliminate processed foods containing refined carbohydrates, oxidized cholesterol and free-radical-containing vegetable oils that cause the body to need constant repair."

The verdict - if your diet is deficient in almost anything, it probably affects your heart adversely! The first article is a long article! If you are in a hurry, do a page search on 'Solutions' (second occurrence) for a summary of what to do to protect yourself against heart disease.

Other sources of good information:

Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They're Good for You
Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D. - a good summary on video

More on saturated fat

The Doctor's Heart Cure by Al Sears, MD - a good "how to" book addressing heart disease - the many nutritional factors involved.

The Great Cholesterol Con by Anthony Colpo
A thorough evaluation of the cholesterol controversy, and better ways to deal with heart health issues.

Fat and Cholesterol Are Good For You by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, the doctor who first exposed the cholesterol myth.

Other books on the fat issue

More on Cholesterol  and why you need Healthy Fats

The Heart Disease - Scurvy Connection

Dr. Matthias Rath, working with Dr. Linus Pauling, established the connection of heart disease and humans' inability to synthesize vitamin C. These sites speak for themselves:

The Stanford Speech:
Eradicating Heart Disease
by Matthias Rath, M.D. (with links to the rest of his Website)

Dr. Rath Research Institute
- lots of info here.

There is evidence that natural sources of vitamin C complex (including bioflavanoids) are more effective than ascorbic acid, the typical vitamin C supplement. Natural Sources of vitamin C

More on Vitamin C  

Other doctors, including cardiologists, are coming onboard:

Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease by Dr. Dwight Lundell, MD author of The Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a Nation (2007)

Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late, (2008) by Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, James C. Roberts, MD, and Martin Zucker

The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It, (2008) by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease-and the Statin-Free Plan  That Will, (2012)by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra, MD (more here)

Other books on the cholesterol issue

Other issues related to Heart disease

Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2

Heart Attack New Approaches - website of Knut Stroka, MD
discusses Ouabain, as mentioned by Dr. Cowen here

Chlorination linked to Heart Disease


Thyroid & Adrenal Issues 

Mary Shomon  

Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

Dr. Rind -

See also Iodine  

Dr. James Wilson's, the 21st Century Stress Syndrome

The Adrenal Fatigue Solution


The same violent friction and athermic deformations that can occur in our bodies when we are subjected to radar or microwaves, happens to the molecules in the food cooked in a microwave oven. In fact, when anyone microwaves food, the oven exerts a power input of about 1,000 watts or more. This radiation results in destruction and deformation of molecules of food, and in the formation of new compounds (called radiolytic compounds) unknown to man and nature. 
Originally printed from the April 1994 edition of Acres, USA.

The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking

"A study done in Europe showed that micro waving changes the molecular structure of foods, making them depressive to the immune system, therefore I highly advise against the consumption of foods cooked defrosted or re-heated in a microwave if you are trying to improve your health and immune system."  

"Whatever form of gelatin is used, it should never be cooked or reheated in the microwave. According to a letter published in The Lancet, the common practice of microwaving converts l-proline to d-proline. They write, “The conversion of trans to cis forms could be hazardous because when cis-amino acids are incorporated into peptides and proteins instead of their trans isomers, this can lead to structural, functional and immunological changes.” They further note that “d-proline is neurotoxic and we have reported nephrotoxic and heptatotoxic effects of this compound.”55 In other words, the gelatin in homemade broth confers wondrous benefits, but if you heat it in the microwave, it becomes toxic to the liver, kidneys and nervous system."
From "Why Broth is Beautiful..  
   “Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century." William Rea, MD

Teflon Troubles - see - Teflon



Health Freedom Issues

Raw milk, supplements, holistic health providers, nutrition advice - government authorities persist in telling citizens that they don't know enough to make wise decisions, so the authorities intervene to try to prevent citizens from making their own wise choices. Misinformation about the issues and acrimony abound. I have spoken out about these issues. Thanks to the Internet there is a growing chorus of voices speaking out for Health Freedom. I hope you will join the choir!

* Kris's Testimony before the Commerce Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives on HB 117, The Ohio Consumer Health Freedom Act

*  The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund - 

* Citizens for Health 
We believe that citizen-consumer access to natural health choices — choices other than therapeutic drugs, surgery and radiation — offer significant opportunities to maintain sound health. Both distinct from and integrated into current practices, natural health therapies can reduce costs and virtually eliminate dangerous, expensive side effects. In short, natural health choices support healthy citizens and a healthy economy. As Winston Churchill famously said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have”.

* Natural Solutions Foundation  
The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, document, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems facing us and threatening our health, food and freedom. Since its founding just a few short years ago, in 2004, the Natural Solutions Foundation has pursued a vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social problems involving health and wellness, food and freedom. We consider health and food freedoms to be part of those solutions.

* Alliance for Natural Health  
The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA)*, is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law.

* Health Freedom Federation - the world's oldest health freedom organization.

* Health Keepers Alliance - 
The Alliance was established to provide educational and legislative information on alternative and natural health issues. Our goal is to educate, encourage, inspire and protect the rights of those individuals who choose to pursue healthy lifestyles through informed choices.

* Citizens' Council on Health Care -  
CCHC advocates for patient and physician freedom, medical innovation, and the right of citizens to a confidential patient-doctor relationship.

* Why is Health Freedom such an issue?
There are powerful commercial interests that benefit mightily from our present medical system, broken as it is - on its way to bankrupting our nation and crippling the health of people worldwide - commercial agriculture, the food industry, the medical profession, the drug industry, supported far too much by our government and our educational institutions. In the nutrition textbooks that I have collected over the years there is so often a whole chapter on how to recognize food fallacies, food "faddists" and "quacks". What is behind this persistent effort to put fear of fallacies (food or otherwise) in the mind of professionals? I think we can get a clue from the story behind, which is recommended in the textbooks as a reliable source of information about "fallacies".  But, in fact, itself is the fraud, as can be seen by this ruling of a judge in Pennsylvania against Quackwatch Founder Stephen Barrett:

 "Barrett is a shill for the medical and pharmaceutical cartels and his bully tactics and unjustified discrediting of leading innovators, scientists and health practitioners should not be tolerated.”

For an example of outspoken critics of the system see The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed - A Public Health Warning and Political Essay by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

"Conflicts short of war, like the "War on AIDS," "War on Drugs," "War on Terrorism," "War on Cancer," and now "War on the Avian Flu" require sophisticated propaganda programs employing fear campaigns for social acceptance and popular support of legislated policies" (emphasis mine).

More at  and Dr. Len Horowitz's Website

Use your own judgement, but beware of the hype!


* International Advocates for Health Freedom
Networking consumers world wide - focus on Codex 
Somewhat inflammatory, but that may be appropriate considering what is going on. 

* Health Freedom Federation on CODEX



The Divisive Issues of Our Age
There are so many divisive issues in our age - vegetarianism, homosexuality, global free trade, farm prices, chemical agriculture. I am assembling some Wisdom Passages which can guide our thoughts on these issues.


Judgment On Corrupt Leaders

"I will send disaster upon the leaders of my people--the shepherds of my sheep--for they have destroyed and scattered the very ones they were expected to care for," says the LORD.
This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says to these shepherds: "Instead of leading my flock to safety, you have deserted them and driven them to destruction. Now I will pour out judgment on you for the evil you have done to them. 

Jeremiah 23: 1-2 (NLT)

The Dividing Wall of Hostility

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.
For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations.

Ephesians 2:13, 14 (NIV)

The Power of God's Love

And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love really is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God.
Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Ephesians 3:18-20


The Web of Life - Wisdom quoted on Dr. Bronner's Soap wrappers -


"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."   Chief Seattle


"We live here as in an egg - either we evolve or we decay."   Confucius


On Technology

"I don't know what weapons will be used in World War III, but I do know World War IV wil1 be fought with spears and clubs!"   Einstein


"Our technology has outstripped our humanity!"  Einstein

On Government

"Government, like fire, is our most useful servant, if fully controlled by us, its citizens! And government, exactly like fire, becomes our most destructive master, if not fully controlled by the open majority of its constructive, working citizens!"   George Washington.

On the power of commitment

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."      Margaret Mead

More  Wisdom Passages



Updated 12/25/2017


"No therapy or drug known to modern medical science can rebuild tissue that has been damaged by disease or trauma. Food alone can accomplish this feat. It is for this reason that nutrition is an indispensable weapon against disease
      Dr. Bernard Jensen (1908-2001)






Wisdom Gives a Feast

1Wisdom has built her house with its seven columns.
2She has prepared the meat and set out the wine.
Her feast is ready.
3She has sent her servant women to announce her invitation from the highest hills:
4"Everyone who is ignorant or foolish is invited!
5All of you are welcome to my meat and wine.
6If you want to live,
give up your foolishness
and let understanding guide your steps.

Proverbs 9: 1-6 (CEV)